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Our Facilities

Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery (RIRS)

Ever since the first ureteroscopy performed by Hugh Hampton Young at the beginning of last century,1 ureterorenoscopy has evolved over nearly a century from the era of happenstance to the Digital & Robotic era. This evolution culminates in the technique of retrograde intrarenal surgery (RIRS) utilising flexible ureterorenoscope and Holmium laser, which is a very effective treatment option in the Urologist’s armamentarium when first-line treatment options, viz, extracorporeal shockwave lithtropsy (ESWL) and percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) failed; it would also be used as first-line treatment in selected patients.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery camera (cholecystectomy) removes the gallbladder and gallstones through several small cuts (incisions) in the abdomen. The surgeon inflates your abdomen with air or carbon dioxide in order to see clearly. The surgeon inserts a lighted scope attached to a video camera (laparoscope) into one incision near the belly button. The surgeon then uses a video monitor as a guide while inserting surgical instruments into the other incisions to remove your gallbladder. In 5 to 10 out of 100 laparoscopic gallbladder surgeries in the United States, the surgeon needs to switch to an open surgical method that requires a larger incision.1 Examples of problems that can require open rather than laparoscopic surgery include unexpected inflammation, scar tissue, injury, or bleeding.

Enlarged Prostate

Lumenis High Power Holmium Laser, a revolution in laser technology, is a minimal access painless treatment for your enlarged prostate. ›› Minimal Blood Loss
›› Safe in high risk patient (cardiac patient, patient on blood thinner like Ecosprin)
›› Significantly reduced catheter time
›› Faster Recovery
›› Recomended by American, European, Australian Urology associations for treatment of BPH
›› Significantly reduced Nursing time
›› Significantly reduced hospital stay
›› Durable procedure
›› Strong Clinical Evidence

Kidney Stone, Ureteric and Bladder stones

Dust your stone with a magic of High Power Lumenis Holmium Laser Lithtripsy. ›› Literally transforms stones into dust
›› Greater then 95% success with single treatment
›› Instant stone free patient
›› Faster Healing Time
›› Laser reaches “Difficult to reach areas” with easy
›› Works well on stones irrespective of compositions and locations
›› Durable procedure
›› Strong Clinical Evidence

Advance Treatment for kidney stone

Using flexible Ureteroscope-RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery) – No cut, No scar Mini PERC (PCNL through 4-5 mm hole)- Using advance scopes and irrigation pump (imported)

Reconstructive Urology

Only center in Panipat and nearby region to have specialized and trained urologist for Urethral stricture(Narrowing/ blockage of urine tube) – Urethroplasty Treatment using buccal mucosa, Lingual mucosa or preputial skin ( 85-90 % success rate in all kind of strictures including long and complicated strictures.

Traumatic Urethral Injuries

All kind of penile deformities repair with Reconstructive Surgery Dust your stone with a magic of High Power Lumenis Holmium Laser Lithtripsy. ›› Hypospadias Repair
›› Vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) repair
›› Epispadias repair
›› Prosthresis surgery for erectile dysfunction
›› Sphincter surgery for Incontinence (leakage of urine)
›› Sling surgery for stress Incontinence (Minimally invasive and done under local anesthesia)

Urology and Laproscopy

›› Cholecystectomy (Lap. Chole) ›› Appendectomy
›› Ovarian cyst removal
›› Sterilization
›› Ectopic Pregnancy
›› Hernia repair (Inguinal, Umbilical,Inncisional)
›› Fibroid Removal
›› Hystectomy LAVH etroperitoneoseopic
›› Kidney Stone Removal
›› Ureter stone removal
›› And other minor and major operations


›› Ranbaxy Laboratory ›› Vimta Lab
›› Dr. Lal Pathology
›› Managed by senior consultants in pathology
›› Beside routine test done by qualified Lab Technician
›› Biochemistry auto-analysis RA 50
›› Urine Analyzer
›› Doc U Reader
›› Uroflowmetry: Urine flow test using computer.


TURP for prostate, bladder growth, stone removal, PCNL for kidney, URS for ureteric stone.

ENT Surgery

›› Micro surgery of ear
›› Micro Larynges Ear Surgery
›› All other surgical procedure

Imaging Services

›› X-Ray Machine (Big)
›› X-Ray Machine (Portable)
›› Ultra Sound (Dr. Archana Gupta M.D. Radiologist)
›› VSML(Collaboration with Ranbaxy, Thyrocare Technologies Ltd., Vibles Path Labs and Research Centre) :- Vimta Lab.